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Clash of Clans

Available on Google Play and Apple Store in April 2015, Fire Quest is part of a Jurassic Punk style halfway between Mad Max and Pierre Family Fire. More community, deeper and cheaper for players, Quest for Fire stated ambition to compete with the giant Clash of Clans on the market "builders" on mobile.Avec the first ultra-community game, the decision to embark on Kickstarter to involve and bring together a first circle of fans quickly became.
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"As the game" community oriented "the idea of going on Kickstarter has quickly emerged. We want our" backers "an integral part of the adventure and can among others help us optimize the gameplay testing with we play. This is also an opportunity to create our first fan base to share the adventure now, when the game is released and beyond! We have found the ideal platform Kickstarter, "reflects Guillaume Duboucher President of Geek me 5.

Fire Quest is the brainchild of Alexis Vezia, Creative Director of Geek me and 5 other hard player "builders". Frustrated with the lack of innovation in the market for 3 years, he decided to take the plunge, assuming his status as David facing Goliath: "We can do it better!
Creating a community game, more fun and more affordable. "

After convincing Supamonks, one of the best 3D animation studios in France, to join the adventure, the first phase of development of the game (on Unity3d) is financed by business angels, members of his family and other players

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