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The next title in the franchise from SEGA, Sonic the Hedgedog be exclusive to the Nintendo Wii U console and the Nintendo 3DS handheld console. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata today announced details of a new partnership with SEGA for a new chapter in Nintendo Direct. Last World Sonic is a new platform game action and on which more details will be provided before the start of next June 11 E3 video game exposure.

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The chapter of Nintendo Direct also announced the game Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games for Wii U and revealed that there will be more games console SEGA Game Gear Virtual Console for Nintendo 3DS. In addition to news Sega, Nintendo announced that a selection of Wii U at E3 2013 submitted soon may be played at Best Buy stores, and revealed the release date for New Super Luigi U, Pikmin 3 new details and information additional on a variety of Wii U and Nintendo 3DS previously announced.

"The rivalry that occurred sometime between Mario and Sonic has become a friendship that had never before been so close," said President and COO of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime. "These announcements in conjunction with SEGA demonstrate our commitment to bring great games to our platform Wii U and lay the foundation for our upcoming announcements at E3."

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games: the game offers a variety of events for the Olympic Winter Games among which include curling, skiing, figure skating pairs and recently added alpine snowboarding - which will make its Olympic debut in Sochi, Russia. Different events can use the Wii Remote Plus controller, the Wii U GamePad or both. In addition to realistic events, the game also offers these events in the worlds of Mario and Sonic to allow players to carry out movements that are not possible in real life. Soon more details about the launch will be announced.
At Best Buy, you'll enjoy the games shown on the flag of Nintendo at E3: only in some Best Buy stores in the United States and Canada, consumers can play some of the games of Wii U yet released and is displayed in E3, while the exhibition is held in Los Angeles. Details about the locations and which games will be presented, will be announced in the coming weeks.
New Super Luigi U: DLC with the theme of the Year Luigi for New Super Mario Bros. U offers players 82 levels to date. But it also includes a new character to play in multiplayer mode: Nabbit, the thief stealing items from the homes of the Toad. Nabbit can not use improvement, but not be hurt when touching enemies. New Super Luigi U be released as downloadable content for New Super Mario Bros. U Nintendo eShop on June 20 for US $ 19.99. But in honor of the Year of Luigi, Nintendo will also offer a packaged version of New Super Luigi U that does not require New Super Mario Bros. U on August 25 for a suggested retail price of $ 29.99.
The Wonderful 101: this action adventure developed by Platinum Games is released on September 15th. Additional details will be revealed after E3.

Pikmin 3: Alph, Brittany and Charlie (new playable characters), recruit Pikmin to help them pick fruit so they can get seeds to save their home planet Koppai. Players can assign different activities between the characters and explore separated by different groups of Pikmin areas. Using the GamePad, known as KopPad in the game, players can see the entire map and see what each character and each Pikmin ago. Players can also choose control they want: the GamePad with television, Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk, or GamePad alone without having to turn on the television. Players can also use the Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk with the GamePad as a second screen. Pikmin 3 is released on August 4.
GAME & WARIO: launches on June 23 in stores and on Nintendo eShop at a suggested retail price of US $ 39.99. The title includes different minigames WarioWare, Inc. using the GamePad in different ways. Among the recently announced minigames are: Island, which allows up to five players throw small creatures called Fronks to islands in the sea for points; Patchwork, a puzzle game that tests the pattern recognition skills of the players; and Kung-Fu, which challenges players to help Young Cricket reach the end of a route using the front view on the TV and aerial view on the GamePad. The latest installment of "Iwata Asks" provides more details about the game
Resident Evil Revelations: The survival horror game from Capcom launches in stores and on Nintendo eShop on May 21. The game was originally released for Nintendo 3DS, and in this new version for Wii U offers updated graphics in high definition players, check with the GamePad and new content. Players can use the GamePad for the map and change objects using the touch screen without pause the game. In offline TV can play the entire game using only the GamePad without turning on the TV or play with the Wii U Pro control. The game supports Miiverse and currently there is a trial version on Nintendo eShop.
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Animal Crossing, talks Treehouse: it given the huge amount of content the next game Animal Crossing: New Leaf, equipment location Nintendo, Treehouse, will present a series of videos to talk about the franchise and many of the fun features of the game. The videos will be available regularly on the YouTube channel of Nintendo and Nintendo eShop until the game's release on June 9. There is also a new picture of Animal Crossing Buscaestampas within the StreetPass Mii Plaza and fans can also find a special letter of Animal Crossing on the Pasacartas application.
Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D: this game is released in stores and on Nintendo eShop on May 24 and includes all the fun of the original Wii game, now optimized for portable play. Also includes eight new unlockable levels are based on each of the eight original game worlds. These levels will challenge players with new elements such as platforms that force them to move quickly, tar large drops falling from the ceiling and giant stone gears that can alter the level.
Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move: The game, released on May 9 exclusively on Nintendo eShop, challenges players to place tiles on the bottom screen to guide Minis to its target on the top screen. The game includes over 180 stages, but also extends far beyond fun allowing players to create their own stages and share them. Players can try a random level created by one user or one created by a friend. You can also select one of the most popular levels or find the best of the week.

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