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After more than ten years in the fog of war, Blitzkrieg 3 license is back in 2015 through a third opus always putting his tracks during the Second World War. Claiming more than ever a little hairy RTS liabilities Nival committed to inject some new by moving then to a genre he defined as MMORTS, reminiscent in some ways Clash of Clans. If eventually the title will also feature a single player campaign, we were able to lay hands on its multiplayer mode in a pre-alpha closed, and
If the term MMORTS is both everything and saying nothing, here comes the multiplayer gameplay asynchronous. This means that the title is divided into two phases: Attack, where you will have to direct its units in real time as in traditional RTS, and defense in automatic mode, where it will place its defenses a bit like a tower defense to protect his precious HQ assaults of other players. The main screen of the game and presents a map where our base is located, with barracks, tank factories and other factories grunts. Then we must place our strategically defenses, and these are divided into two categories: active or passive.

Clash of clans hack

Blitzkrieg 3 between Clash of Tanks and World of Clans - Screenshot Editor Active defenses consist of all our units can move. There are, for example, riflemen, tanks, armored cars or pomegranates, and each of these pieces has its own cost, measured in points. More it is powerful, the addition is high and then comes a global counter limit the number of units in the near of the army of a Total War creation screen system. This counter is fixed and will increment that if we make our base level up, so synonymous larger map. For example, and the smaller map, the limit is 300 points, while a first-level infantry squad costs 16 points and a tank worth for his part 35. This counter is there to balance the active forces on the battlefield, as the defender the attacker are both dependent on the limit.

Passive defenses will suffer for their share of any limits, if not their place on the battlefield. Whether anti-personnel mines, barbed wire, anti-tank guns or Czech hedgehogs, then carefully place these elements to keep out the enemy forces or in the worst case, to slow max. Indeed, in order to bring rhythm to the game, a countdown starts as soon as one starts a fight. Must then capture the enemy command center before it falls to zero. We then optimize maximum observation and preparation phases because it is tempting to want to send some scouts to test the waters before pushing the main body, less aggressive might end up with an army in good condition crushing all resistance, but eventually reach the heart of the enemy base.


Blitzkrieg 3 between Clash of Tanks and World of Clans - Screenshot éditeurOn then alternating phases of combat, the outcome of related resources necessary for the creation of units, buildings (and evolution), and construction phases, where then we put in place all the defensive system of the barracks. The title also allows us to test our fortifications, attacking ourselves to find the weak points of our facilities. This mechanism has the advantage of being extremely addictive because every change, you feel so compelled to carefully test the effectiveness of the new system.

One of the strengths of this system lies in the fact that the maps opportunities are potentially infinite, since they are created by the community. Atlantic Wall carefully prepared by a quarterback straight out of West Point in the colander prepared hastily by a less patient player, it connects the onslaught of quite so easy by simply clicking on the "Combat" . The matchmaking takes over and we then propose an opponent of our level ... and if it is currently difficult to decide on the issue, the game is still in pre-alpha closed, no doubt that the mechanical game with the point system and the countdown to guarantee a balance between the two opponents, even if one of them does not act directly on the game.

It is on this point that the magic really works, since the game takes over as soon as it is no longer in charge. All of our defensive system is then likely to be attacked by other players, and they will be entitled to battle against our return to the game. It is even possible to see a replay of the fight, giving both more grist to the tacticians who will analyze the behavior of their opponents to detect the slightest flaw in the system. Because a defeat is not at all synonymous base destroyed, instead of an instance of our defenses, and the goal is not to rebuild after every fight, but to improve the whole battle after battle, our units are becoming XP, buildings are upgradable, offering more choice of units to create or a potential reserve of greatest resource, allowing for greater investment. The crux of the Blitzkrieg on March 3 course being to provide an experience for the long term.


If the game is still only pre-alpha, however, it offers a rendering that has something to flatter the retina. Putting aside the lack of anti-aliasing on transparent textures (that can force in the pilot of the graphics card), which is slightly swarming the image, we discover filled environments details, highlighted by a quality of lighting. Small skits populate the map, and are fun to contemplate the cleaning debris soldiers, peasants cultivating their fields or workers repairing a bridge as a child before his toy soldiers. As it stands, the technical part is already very stable, and we have not noticed any bug blocker, crash or other Windows back during our gaming sessions; both say that this announcement only good for further development.

Blitzkrieg 3 between Clash of Tanks and World of Clans - Screenshot Editor Regarding the gameplay, there are still several points on which Nival teams to consider. Such worries pathfinding be mentioned, making crooked paths take quite some of our units, a problem of legibility on units placed in the base, the position is not clearly indicated, and an investment shortcuts not necessarily ergonomic, forcing us to make round trips a pesky hair in submenus. I bet that few blackheads will gummed by developers before the release of the title. Anyway, this first approach with Blitzkrieg March 3 remains a very good surprise. Its asynchronous multiplayer mode works perfectly, and if the recipe is of course think of Clash of Clans, the tactical part that is controlled with the mouse adds a much greater level of depth that its tablet counterpart. So we will wait patiently for the arrival of the title of Steam for early access to confront a number of players much more important. His arrival on Valve's platform is planned in the near future, while the official release is currently wedged 2015.

clash of clans cheats
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